Monday 30 June 2014

RSS Feeds Web Part page in SharePoint

In this post I will not show anything new. Maybe some of you know it or some of you use it, but I think it is a cool idea and decided to share it with you, also this is a POC for my colleagues.
So, we have this internal project for rebuilding our corporate intranet. We are having meetings to gather the requirements from all departments across the company and of course we had a meeting for our own SharePoint team site.
My idea was to create a place in our site where we can follow all interesting posts and articles from the SharePoint community, because the SharePoint community is big part (luckily) from our business. Here is a way to do this.
Let's say you have a site based on the default "Team site" template. With this template you will get a "Site pages" Wiki Library. Go to the library via Site contents --> Site Pages. Then go to FILES --> New Document and choose to add  Web Part Page. Give the page appropriate name and choose desired layout.

Then you will receive a page with zoned work space where you can put the key element, which is the RSS Viewer Web part.
You can find the web part in Content Rollup --> RSS Viewer. Open the Web part tool pane and add the RSS Feed URL, refresh interval, feed limit and edit everything you want.

After you populate the zones you like, you can link the page in your navigation. You can see how it looks on the picture below. Of course you can use different arrangement, add some Community feature web parts or edit the display template of the RSS viewer web part.
However, you will need some internet connectivity on your servers to get the feeds working. 

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