Thursday 14 August 2014

Scripts to Add,Remove and and view SharePoint 2013 Maintenance Windows

My colleague shared a MSDN Blog post about new class in SharePoint 2013. With this class you can configure message that will appear on the sites informing the users for upcoming maintenance activity, this is done on Content DataBase level. The message can look like the picture below. The messages are predefined for several scenarios you can find samples at the mentioned MSDN Post. You can specify Maintenance Start Time,End Time,Notification Star Time,End Time, link with information about the maintenance and read only period. This is very cool feature, but I don't like the script that is shown in the post, so I wrote two scripts for Adding,Removing and View of the maintenance windows. You can choose individual Content DataBase,Site,Web App or All Content DataBases in the Farm. You can use pipeline to pass objects form other cmdlets, the script will ask you for confirmation before adding or removing the maintenance windows. For more information see the Help in the script there are many example how to use it. To run the scripts you will need Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell PS snap-in loaded.

                            Download the scripts form: TechNet Gallery 

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