Tuesday 3 February 2015

Start User Profile Synchronization with PowerShell [Tip]

This is something new I learned and decided to share it in this short tip.
So I was trying to help in a TechNet Forum question. The user was asking how to start Incremental User Profile Synchronization with PowerShell because she needed it to run two times a day. Now when you manually star Full or Incremental sync. a timer job is started named "User Profile Service Application - User Profile Incremental Synchronization". If you start this job manually from the UI or in PowerShell it will trigger Incremental synchronization. If you want to set the schedule for the Incremental sync. you go to "Configure Synchronization Timer Job" in the User Profile Service Application Management page. However you cannot set the job to run twice a day. Here comes the PowerShell.
Thanks to Trevor Seward I learned this alternative method to start User Profile Synchronization in PowerShell, it will let you chose which type the sync. should be (Incremental or Full) by specifying $true or $false argument for the StartImport method. Here are the snippets for starting Full or Incremental synchronization.

$UPS= Get-SPServiceApplication | Where { $_.DisplayName -eq "<UPSA_DisplayName>"}

## To Start Incremental Sync. use $false as argument for StartImport method

$UPS= Get-SPServiceApplication | Where { $_.DisplayName -eq "<UPSA_DisplayName>"}

At the end of the day it is just starting the timer job I mentioned above, but it may come handy for some powershell scripts.

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