Thursday 6 April 2017

Nintex Workflow UDA Usage report script

Yesterday I worked with a client that have many Nintex workflow published with heavy usage of UDAs(User Defined Actions). I wanted to get a detailed report on the UDA usage. Unfortunately I am not aware of any  out of the box Nintex tool that can do that. The Analyze button can give you some information, but you need to click on the workflow to find out where it is located, you need to be in the scope where the UDA is published, you can get information for one UDA at a time and the information is not really "exportable".
This is why I created a powershell script that will give you information for the UDA usage across the farm on all levels. It will give you useful information like UDA Name, Workflow Name, Defined At, List, Web, Site, WebApplication, WorkflowType, Author, UDA Version Used, Workflow Id.
There are two "modes" of the script, the default will give you just the GUIDs of the list,web,site and the web apps. If you want to get the name of the list and the URLs you need to use the second mode that will require more time to complete but will give you nice looking URLs instead GUIDs. If you want to get the URLs just use switch parameter GetUrls. The result can be saved in CSV format or it can be outputted in powershell. If you give value for CSVPath the Grid View will open at the end to visualize the data. The main source of information is the Nintex Configuration database and you can use the script with SQL authentication if you have an account with enough permissions and your SQL supports it.
I have tested the script with SharePoint 2016,2013 and 2010 and the oldest Nintex Workflow version I tested was
You can see the code and the output examples below. I hope you find it useful!

Output with URLs retrieved:
Nintex Workflow UDA Usage report with URLs

Quick output with GUIDs:
Nintex Workflow UDA Usage report with GUIDs

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